topsoil monctonGood quality topsoil contains a rich mix of nutrients necessary for healthy plants. It appears darker than subsoil because of the organic matter it contains. The right type of topsoil retains water as well as nutrients, promoting healthy plant growth. A rich layer of quality topsoil ensures healthy lawns and gardens.

Topsoil is the most fertile, valuable, and essential layer of soil that is no deeper than 8-inches and rests on the surface of the subsoil and rock below. Roots are concentrated in the topsoil as it’s where vegetation obtains most of the vital nutrients in soil for plant growth as well as the structure plants need to remain stable and strong. Topsoil is made up of rich humus, minerals, and compost that act as primary nutrients for plants. The better the topsoil, the better the quality of the plants that grow. High-quality topsoil made up of special blend of balanced ingredients that naturally provide the nutrients plants need to grow.

Why do I need to refresh topsoil?

Over time the natural topsoil can become stripped and erode due to continuous use and environmental factors such as wind and water. Topsoil erosion disrupts the delicate nutritional balance required by plants to grow healthy and strong. Typically, soil erodes at a faster rate than it can be formed in nature. How long does topsoil take to form? Under natural conditions, it takes roughly 500 years to create an inch of topsoil. This means that it is necessary to add nutrients to soil by frequently refreshing your topsoil to ensure that vital macronutrients and micronutrients for plants are being restored. Adding a layer of rich, high-quality topsoil gives plants the fuel they need to flourish and reach optimal growth.