Volume Calculator

Looking to fill multiple areas or flower beds? We’ve got you covered! Enter the measurements for up to three areas below and our calculator will determine your total quantity required. Then call the office and we’ll get you blooming in no time!

To use the calculator, simply follow the instructions and remember to clear the calculator before entering any new numbers. The numeric result you will get is the number of cubic yards (of any material) that you need for your project (according to your specs).

In general, it is recommended that you use 6 inches of compacted soil for new lawns but on average homeowners use about 4 inches (we also recommend 4 inches). Also, keep in mind that different soils will compact differently – lawn soil will compact by about 10%, and garden soil will compact about 15%.

Lastly, please remember that these calculators are for estimates only. Tech can fail, so when you are ready to place your order, please ask our customer service agent to check your calculations. Our motto is “Measure twice, order once!”

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